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Global LED Market Report 2017: Latest Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue - Research and Markets
Time : 2017-3-18    Clicks : 1854    Public:led linear light / lz led technology / lz led tech
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "LED Market - Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue" report to their offering. This report provides a comprehensive roadmap for stakeholders who are planning to setup and run an LED manufacturing plant. This report provides an in-depth analysis on the global LED market Trends and the requirements to start and run an LED manufacturing plant. Light Emitting Diodes, also known as LEDs are electronic components that are designed to convert energy into light. Till recently, the main application of LEDs was for backlighting the LCD screens of mobile handsets, laptops, tablet, computers, televisions, or else for vehicle headlights. The potential of LED technology in most other applications was limited due to its high costs. Heavy investments from a number of companies, however, have been cutting the cost and LEDs are now becoming an affordable technology in the lighting industry. LED's have significant advantages over incandescent and florescent technologies and as such they are expected to transform the global lighting sector. LED lighting has the potential of consuming up to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and also offer significantly lesser energy consumption than other low-energy technologies such as compact fluorescent light bulbs. Apart from their higher efficiency, LEDs also have a lower cost of ownership, involve a longer operating life and are smaller. The global demand of LED's will also be driven based upon their advantages over conventional technologies from an environmental perspective. Resource scarcity and climate change are of increasing concern with the lighting industry accounting for a significant share of the global electricity consumption. Usage and the worldwide drive to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions is driving the adoption of low energy lighting technologies. This has driven governments across the world to formulate guidelines and regulations to lower the carbon footprint, eliminate hazardous substances and increase energy efficiency. LEDs currently offer significant environmental benefits over conventional technologies. Their operating life significantly exceeds that of lights based on other technologies. They also require less frequent maintenance and don't contain any hazardous wastes such as mercury. Key Topics Covered: 1 Preface 2 Research Methodology 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Global Lighting Industry 6 Global LED Industry 7 Performance of Key Regions 8 Market by Application 9 Competitive Landscape 10 LED Manufacturing Process 11 Project Details, Requirements and Costs Involved 12 Loans and Financial Assistance 13 Project Economics 14 Key Player Profiles Nichia Osram Samsung Electronics Eerlight Electronocs LG Innotek For more information about this report visit

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